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Eyebrow threading is a unique and peculiar method of removing overgrown hair on the eyebrows, giving it a picture perfect shape.This process involves plucking of hair from the follicle or root with a double loop of thread . Hand and mouth technic is used to shape the eyebrows.

The shape of the eyebrows plays a crucial role in the overall appearance of the face.Eyebrow threading is effective compared to waxing and tweezing. Give your brows a perfect shape for a mesmerizing look with our eyebrow threading service.Our trained aestheticians can perform this process with little or no pain.

Full face threading is an ancient and traditional method of unwanted hair removal from the face. Besides eyebrow shaping, it is usually done on the chin, upper lip, forehead and etc.

It gives a soft skin on the face. It is effective and affordable compared to the process of waxing and tweezing.

Full face threading is a natural, safe, unique, and painless form of hair removal. It is suits all skin types and is effective for people who have sensitive skin Getting rid of unwanted hair on upper-lip.

forehead, chin, and other facial hair is also performed to the satisfaction of the guests. Hair is either removed individually or in lines to give a perfect shape for the eyebrows.

The upper lip threading service is effective and the results last for a longer period, as the hair is plucked from the follicle. It involves little or no pain, which depends on the experience and skills of the aesthetician.

This process suits all the skin types with or without sensitivity. A cotton or polyester double thread is used in this method.

The upper lip threading eliminates the presence of unwanted hair, blackheads, whiteheads and etc from the lip area. We maintain necessary sanitation standards at our spa center by using the thread only once and discarding it after the single use.

Cream or lotion is applied after the competition of threading to close the pores.

The growth of the hair on the chin in women is mainly due to hormonal dysfunction. Waxing the hair on chin depends on the sensitivity of the skin and it will not suit all the skin types, as the skin on the face is more sensitive compared to other parts of the body.

Chin threading service is effective compared to waxing. A double loop of cotton or polyester thread is used for threading the chin


It helps to remove the hair from the follicle. After the service, a cream or lotion is used to close the pores. It involves little or no pain.

No damage is caused to the skin surrounding the follicle. Our aestheticians are well experienced to give the guest best threading experience.