Flaunt your hair-free, flawless arms in no time as you experience fast, super-efficient and customized waxing session based on your skin type and hair needs at our spa center.Full arms waxing is the best way to remove unwanted hair compared to that of shaving and other technics.

It causes no harm to the skin. The process of waxing causes little or no pain and it totally depends on the personal skills and experience of the aestheticia Full arms waxing leaves your skin soft and supple in no time.

Our aestheticians take special care in checking the direction of the hair growth to apply the wax and remove it with a strip. Full arms waxing includes the area from shoulders to finger tips.

The products employed in the half legs waxing are natural, safe and do not harm the skin. The results are instant and stay for a couple of weeks to a month.

Waxing promotes personal hygiene and sanitary measures of a person. The process is done in a private room, where the guest feels comfortable.

Before you choose to wax, do not shave the hair and allow a minimum fifteen days of hair growth for best results.

Waxing the underarms or the armpits is a sanity measure as well. Other modes of hair removal with creams and shavers leave the arm pit area dark, bumpy and wrinkly. Waxing is the perfect choice to remove unwanted hair from the arm pit region and leaves you with clean underarms in no time.

Most women dread waxing their underarm region since this being quite a sensitive area, the feeling of pain is quite intense than in other body parts. However, done the right way, it can turn out to be a less painful experience. The aestheticians at our spa center are trained and experienced..

Whether you have unwanted hair in just a few places or over your entire body, getting a full body wax could be the perfect form of hair removal both for men and women.

It involves the removal of hair from the entire body temporarily from the follicle or root. The results are instant and stay for a couple of weeks to a month.<