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Manicures And Pedicures Are Spa Treatments That Leave Your Hands And Feet Feeling Clean And Soothed Feeling Pampered. It Includes Soak, Scrub, Cuticle Care, Hand, Foot,Leg Massage, Nail Trimming, Filing And Polish.

The choice of the nail paint in French manicure will be optimal. French manicure is one of the best ways to show some love and attention to your hands. It includes various steps like cuticle treatment, nail cut or trim, hand massage and etc.

French manicure imparts natural look to the nails. A French manicure is the hallmark of an ultimate chic style and reflects the current craze for nail art. It is associated with a classic and polished look, with its elegant white tip and natural nail.

Pedicure service featuring mostly organic, pure, and hygienic products. Let the tension melt away from your tired legs & foot with a rejuvenating pedicure service at Center.

The Pedicure Services at our spa are a special hook to the guests. The menu of pedicure services is affordable and environmentally conscious.

The reinvigorating spa pedicure service includes a relaxing foot bath in the pedicure bowls with scented bath soak or shower gel and essential oils.

The procedure and the products used in the process of French Pedicure is same as that of Spa Pedicure, with a little twist at the end. In French Pedicure natural base coat and pink or white nail paint are used to paint the nails.

It is a different style of painting the nails to impart a natural look to them.This mode of nail painting can be achieved on natural and nude nails or on acrylic nails. French Manicureat is as popular as spa and normal pedicure.

It depends on the choice and need of the person to opt for a particular type of pedicure. All the products employed in the process of French pedicure .